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The Water Care Program


With our Water Care Program, we come to your backyard and test the water across 7 parameters. It is then professionally treated by one of our licensed technicians. Every treatment follows a comprehensive report detailing the test results and chemicals added. We even send an electronic reminder prior to every visit based on your package which takes the guesswork out of our next visit.

Our programs can also include pool opening, routine water care treatments, a deep mid-season cleaning of filters and salt cells, 24-48hr priority scheduling for emergencies and pool closing.

With a “Full Season” approach, we are able to provide services on a proactive basis, rather than being reactive to problems when they happen. This way, issues are addressed before they become major problems, maximizing your swimmable days and giving you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

Please see the chart below, detailing our options, and let us know which works best for you

See the flyer below detailing our options and let us know which works best for you.

Pool Service Packages

See what our clients have to say about this service

"My wife and I have been using Pool Zenia for the last two years and we are happy with the professional services we have received. What I enjoy the most is that we can simply enjoy our pool without worrying about balancing chemicals, spending time trying to open and close. The techs are polite, they provide pre and post visit electronic communications which is an added bonus. They respond when called upon. I strongly recommend Pool Zenia to anyone who simply just wants to swim and enjoy your pool. Thank you to the team at Pool Zenia!"

Michael Theriault

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