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Swimming pool closed and covered with a winter pool cover

Pool Close


If not done properly, water quality can degrade, equipment can be damaged and worst of all, leaks can arise when the pool is opened the following season. With PoolZenia, you will receive an email confirmation after reserving your spot and an automated reminder the day prior letting you know the names of our team members planning to visit.  Once on-site, our technicians not only close the pool but also provide a full report with pictures the next day so you know the pool closing was completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

This service consists of :

- water level dropped and lines winterized

- light removed (if necessary)

- winter chemicals administered

- winter cover applied (provided by client)

- pool equipment individually winterized

- filters cleaned and placed back in drum (if applicable)


Call or email our team for more information.

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See what our clients have to say about this service

"I would highly recommend this company. The phone was answered the first time that I called. I was able to book an appointment to have my pool closed right away. They were here on time, answered all my questions and educated me on their process as it was my first time closing the pool. They ensured that everything was done perfectly to ensure that there wouldn't be any problems during the spring opening. They were very pleasant to talk to. I will definitely use them in the future."

Candas Piche

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