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Our Services

Pool Opens

Pool being cleaned after pool opening

Opening a pool is not complicated but if not done properly small items can be missed resulting in lost days in the season.

This service consists of:
-cover removal and folding
-pool fitting re-installation
-equipment reassembling
-system components testing
-initial chemical treatment
-35-point system inspection for your records

Pool Closes

Closing is the most crucial part of routine pool maintenance. If not done properly water quality could degrade, the equipment could be damaged or worst of all, leaks could arise when the pool is opened the following season.

This service consists of
-water level dropped and lines winterized
-light removed (if necessary)
-winter chemicals administered
-winter cover applied (provided by client)
-pool equipment individually winterized
-filters cleaned and placed back in drum (if applicable)

Pool closed and cover installed

The Water Care Program

Pool service packages

Our Water Care Programs can include opening, routine water care treatments, a midseason deep cleaning of filters and salt cells, priority scheduling service for emergencies within 24-48hrs and closing. 

With a “Full-Season” approach, we are able to provide services on a proactive basis, rather than being reactive to problems when they happen. This way, issues are addressed before they become problems. 
The result: you can JUST SWIM.

Safety Covers

Customizable for any size or shape of pool and the best way to ensure safety for your family or would like to reduce maintenance during the off-season.

  • Measurement 

  • Order 

  • Installation

Pool closing with safety cover installed

Liner Installations

New vinyl swimming pool liner installed

A new liner can drastically change the aesthetics of not only the pool but the entire backyard.

This service includes the removal and disposal of the old liner. Installation of a new liner and white goods (Skimmer, faceplates and eyeballs). We also fix liner tracking and reset liners after groundwater issues.

Leak Detections

Pool Plumbing Leak detection
Pool Sonar Leak Detection
Pool Pressure Testing

If you even suspect you have a leak, you should get a leak detection done.
Regular evaporation rates will vary from pool to pool but if you're losing an inch a week, that’s enough to warrant a test. 

This service includes:
- Pressure test lines and equipment 
- Sonar scan
- Listening Device and hydrophone

Pool being scanned with a sonar leak detection device

Equipment Installation

Pool equipment setup with pump, filter, heater and salt cell

We understand problems can happen suddenly, and the urgent nature and stress that are caused by an equipment malfunction.
Whether the issue is with your pump, filter or heater, our team will help you and make sure your pool equipment is taken care of.

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