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When is the best time to open your pool?

Whether you live in a climate that sees a deep freeze, or you live somewhere that might not see a full winter, pool season inevitably comes to an end for most people and you most likely will have your pool closed for a period of time. The countdown to the next pool season begins and one of the most common questions we get at PoolZenia is:

When should I open my pool?

pool owner thinking when is the best time to open his pool

 Like most questions, we don't like to give a blanket answer for everybody but the consensus we have as professionals is: As soon as possible, with some considerations.

Let’s dive deeper and look at some reasons that determine when you should open your pool.

Reason 1: Frozen water. One of the most important factors when opening your pool is the weather. In cold climates, the water in the pool will freeze, so opening the pool won't be possible until all the ice in the pool and on the cover melts. 

Reason 2: Temperature. Even if the ice melts early, we often get lots of temperature fluctuations in the spring. The last thing you want is a surprise, extended cold snap that may cause the equipment to freeze and create possible damage.

Reason 3:  Cost to operate the pool. This may not be a concern for most, but, as soon as your pool is open and operating, there will be costs associated with it. If you are trying to maintain a budget, you may want to consider waiting a little longer before getting the pool open.

Reason 4: Cleaning. This could get lumped in with the cost to operate but if you've had a pool for any amount of time, you know that all of the dirt and debris in your backyard somehow finds its way into the pool. The longer your pool is open, the more often it needs to be cleaned. Of course, if you don't like to clean your pool, we at PoolZenia offer multiple seasonal packages to take that burden off your back.

Now, if you’ve considered the limiting reasons above, here are a few positive reasons why opening your pool as soon as possible is the answer we like to give.

Reason 1: Looking at the water! It’s much nicer to look at your pool the way it was meant to be viewed, instead of a dark and possibly dirty cover. There is no substitute for how beautiful water makes us feel, as well as stirring up the excitement for the warmer weather that approaches each day

Reason 2: Water Quality. The sooner the pool is open and circulating, the less likely it will go green from algae growth. Even if it's not warm enough to swim, you don't need to heat the pool up to high temperatures to keep the water quality from degrading. Circulation, filtration and proper water chemistry will keep it clean and clear until swim season.

Reason 3: Weather. What if you get a week or 2 in the spring where temperatures rise? If the pool is closed, it may start to grow algae, but, if the pool is open, you can use it! There is nothing as exciting for kids as getting as much time in the pool as possible and if you're prepared, they will take full advantage of the warm weather. 

With all of the above considered, you need to make sure that the date you open your pool works for you! If you are still busy with winter sports, vacations, or life in general, adding one more thing to your list may not be in your best interest, and that's ok! Our recommendation is always get the pool opened before the end of May, it will save you any possible headaches before summer is officially here. 

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to our Client Care Team or check us out on our social media for updates, info and more!


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