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Pros and Cons of Solar Blankets

I know, what a cliche response but as a professional, I really do need to understand your needs before I can recommend whether you should, or shouldn't cover your swimming pool. 

Now, because you're scrolling online looking for an answer, it’s a likely assumption you haven't spoken to me about this so I wanted to leave a list of pros and cons of solar blankets, so you can make a decision to best suit your need. If you’re wondering where I stand on this: I like to leave the pool uncovered because I prefer to look at the water and how it adds to the aesthetic of the backyard. I should mention that I do have a bias because I build and maintain swimming pools and my ego needs to be fed ;). Anyway, here's the list for you to decide:

Pros To Covering Your Pool With A Solar Blanket

  • Reduces heat loss and heating cost

The majority of heat leaving the pool does so from the top. Covering your pool with a solar blanket can reduce heat loss by over 80%! This is especially helpful in the spring and fall when nights get colder and your pool heater is constantly running. A solar blanket will lower the amount you spend heating your pool and help to extend your pool season.

  • Reduces evaporation

Nothing better than a nice warm pool to enjoy but when you look outside on a cool morning, you'll literally see the water (in the form of steam) rising out of the pool. Depending on the time of year and climate you live in, you may even believe your pool is leaking with the amount of water evaporating each day. A solar blanket will reduce evaporation to basically nothing.


  • Keeps debris out of the pool

Grass clippings, leaves, sticks, and bugs. Pretty much everything you don't want in your pool will end up in your pool. Solar blankets will keep debris out of the water and on top of the cover so you can keep the water clean.

Pretty good argument for using one right? Nothing comes without a cost… (said with a raspy voice and squinty eyes)

Cons To Covering Your Pool With A Solar Blanket

  • Pain in the butt!

The solar blanket will sit on a “roller” on the pool deck and span the width of your pool. It's often a chore to pull it out to cover the pool and keep it straight by yourself. It's also heavy, so after rolling it up, it's difficult to move out of the way if you don't have a helper. You also need a place to put it and often after moving it a few times, it gets less and less appealing to continuously cover and uncover the pool.

  • Constant replacement

Solar blankets don't last very long. They start to break down in the first season and you will start to see little plastic pieces collecting in the skimmer and pool pump basket. Expect to replace them every 2-3 years at a cost of a couple hundred dollars. If you can't get the exact size for your pool, you will have to get a larger one and cut it to fit. 

  • Doesn't look great

Visually, your pool and backyard look better when you can see the water. It's impossible to make the cover look like a natural part of the backyard so if aesthetics are the number one factor you're worried about, you may not care about the pros of having a pool cover.

  • Can be hazardous 

Solar blankets are designed to float but cannot bear much weight. If someone or something falls on top, the blanket will sink and wrap around it, making it a possible hazard for animals and children.

Ok, that should be enough info for you to make a decision on whether or not you want a solar blanket and as always, if you have any questions, reach out to our Client Care Team or check us out on our social media for updates, info and more!



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