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What Should You Expect From Your Pool Service Company?

If you have had a pool for more than one season, you have likely faced some difficulty or problem. If you haven't yet, you eventually will. There is information available online to help you solve and fix most issues, however, most pool owners want to enjoy the pool, not work on it. If that’s you, you’re going to need to hire a service company and the guide below will help you when choosing the right pool company that will give you the best service before, during and after your problem is fixed. If you are looking for weekly pool maintenance, this guide is also a great resource.

PoolZenia Pool Service Truck

So, let's start with the most basic thing you need to expect: 

  1. They are capable of doing the work! 

Sounds simple, but not every company has the ability to do everything related to pool service. Make sure to ask if they have ever seen your issue before and how they fixed it in the past. At PoolZenia, we agree being capable is important, but it is the bare minimum and we believe a pool service company should always strive for more.

  1. Professionalism

Your pool service company should be there to serve YOU. They need to be communicating each step of the process to make sure you know what's happening, when it’s happening, and how much it will cost. These are a few things to gauge if that will happen:

  • Scheduling: Do you get an exact date and is it confirmed with an email?

  • Even better if you get automated reminders prior to your appointment

  • Billing: Do you get a quote or invoice prior to the service explaining the exact inclusions and exclusions?

  • Paying online is a bonus as it creates the proper paper trail

  • Communication: Does someone answer the phone when you call or call you back? Are your emails responded to quickly? 

  • At PoolZenia, our standard is a maximum of one hour for missed calls or emails, we want you to know we are here to help you, as quickly as possible

  • Branded Vehicles and Uniforms: Do they show up looking like a company ready to give you a great experience and solve your problem?

  • We are proud of our company and our values and want you to know! We show up with our trucks and uniforms clean and in excellent condition so you can feel comfortable that we’ll treat you and your pool with the same standards we hold ourselves.

  1. Fast and Reliable

If your pool has a problem, you can’t wait 2 weeks to fix it as you could lose valuable swimming time and possibly make the issue worse. We strive to diagnose and service major issues within 48 hours. If something more is needed, it’s communicated from our team to you, with next steps, cost, and a date we’ll be back. Your pool company should have a similar way to make sure you know everything that needs to happen and when it will be happening so your expectations can be met.

  1. Support

Is your pool company willing to answer the “dumb questions” (There are no dumb questions!)? We’re the pros, you may know nothing about pools, and that's OK! A great company will answer any and all questions, no matter how “dumb” you may think they are. At PoolZenia, we are available by phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, and website chat to help answer anything and give you peace of mind.

There are many other things that can make a company great BUT all of them will have these four things. We hope this help when looking and would be blessed if we have the opportunity to work with you.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to our Client Care Team or check us out on our social media for updates, info and more!



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